Producing a lovely, low sound, the Cello is played sitting down, with the instrument between the knees. Hires are available in all sizes  for $120 per year. Students can swap their hire for a bigger size as they grow throughout the year, for no additional cost.

2019 Cello 1st Year Wednesday 4-4.45pm150.00Fully booked
2019 Cello 2nd Year (Rayyan, Lucas) Wednesday 4.45-5.30pm150.00Book Now
2019 Cello 2nd Year (Jerry, Heshang) Saturday 8.45-9.15am150.00Fully booked
2019 Cello 2nd Year (Vacky) Saturday 11.45-12.15pm150.00Book Now
2019 Cello 3rd Year Saturday 9.15-9.45am (Daniel)150.00Fully booked
2019 Cello 4th Year (Emma, Jacqueline) Saturday 11-11.45am150.00Book Now