This instrument has a beautiful, mellow sound and a huge range from very low notes to high notes. Sound is produced by blowing through a mouthpiece that has a bamboo reed fitted to it. Hires are available for $120 per year.

2019 Clarinet 1st Year Saturday 11.30-12pm150.00Book Now
2019 Clarinet 1st Year Friday 5.15-5.45pm150.00Book Now
2019 Clarinet 2nd Year (Oliver, Harris) Saturday 10-11.30am150.00Book Now
2019 Clarinet 2nd Year (Cho, Harris, Rebekah, Ruby) Friday 4.30-5.15pm150.00Book Now
2019 Clarinet 3rd Year Friday 5.45-6.30pm (Gregory, Yuwa, Jack, Vacky)150.00Fully booked
2019 Clarinet Year 4+ (Dev, Randal, Xin Ang, Ming Yang) Saturday 9-9.45am150.00Fully booked
2019 Clarinet 4th Year (John, Sean, Daniel G) Saturday 12-12.30pm150.00Fully booked