Frequently Asked Questions

1. Children may start lessons aged 7 or 8 and may continue until aged 12 or high school.

2. Classes are held at Glenfield Intermediate School on Saturday mornings and weekdays after school.

3. Classes are held weekly during the school term for up to 60 minutes, dependent on class size.

4. Children must complete at least 1 year of our Preparatory Instrument Programme (PIP) to learn good practice habits, music reading and group performance or have a minimum of two years previous music training.


When are enrolments?

From Term 4, for the following year. Enrolments close in January, any late enrolments will be at the Supervisor’s discretion and subject to class numbers.


When will lessons start?

Lessons start the week of Monday, 10th February 2020. In January, you’ll be sent confirmation of your lesson time. If you’re hiring your instrument, your first set of accessories will be provided with your hire. Additional accessories such as strings, reeds etc can be purchased from any local music store or from the GMC desk on Saturday mornings during school term.


What if the lesson doesn’t work with my child’s schedule?

Class times are allocated according to tutor availability and student numbers. Although parent/caregivers are asked to state their preferred lesson day, GMC cannot guarantee that particular day will be available.


What if my child cannot make a lesson?

If you miss a lesson, it is good manners to ring the teacher to learn what your child needs to practise so they don’t fall behind. If you miss more than three lessons in a row you will be removed from that class unless you can arrange private lessons with the teacher to catch up.


Can I help out?

Yes! You can help out at concerts or by joining the Committee. Talk to the Supervisor about how you can help.


What if my child does sport or has other activities on Saturday mornings?

It is strongly recommended that you select the weekday option for lessons. This will avoid having to change classes during the year (which could be very stressful for the student). Most of the instruments taught on Saturday have a weekday class option.


What if my child has learnt music for more than two years somewhere else?

Your child will need to come to Glenfield Intermediate Hall and have an assessment with the Supervisor or a teacher who will discern which is the best level class for them. They may be placed in a lower level group until they can prove themselves capable.


Can my child continue when they’re at High School?

No. GMC only receives funding for primary and intermediate students. Most high schools have excellent facilities for music tuition. We are happy to advise private tutors for older students or you can ask your GMC teacher if they are taking on an private students. 


Can my child start younger than 7 years?

Children must be 7 years in March to begin Recorder. At this age, children can cope with the lesson requirements and have the basic fine motor skills to be successful at playing the recorder. The recorder classes also include elements of reading music, listening to rhythms, playing percussion and developing good musicianship habits such as regular practice.


What if my child wants to stop?

Consistency and parental encouragement are vital for long-term success. Instrument hire is non-refundable. Please see our refund policy.


Are there other music schools like this on the North Shore?

Yes, there are other centres like ours all over New Zealand. The other North Shore centres are located in Murrays Bay, Birkdale, and Belmont.