Membership fees

The Ministry of Education funds a portion of the Centre’s costs; the balance is covered by membership fees or by donations.

Each membership fee provides four terms of tuition on one instrument, and membership fees vary as per the list below.  

Recorder PIP 1 $150
Classical Instruments $170
Guitar $220
Keyboard lessons (non funded) $360
Instrument Hire $50 to $170
Tuition Book $25 to $40  (you will need to source this yourself - our booklist will be available in January)
2nd Instrument Levy $50 in addition to both instrument lesson fees. Must have permission from the teacher.


It is expected that payment will be made at the time of enrolment. Class places cannot be confirmed until minimum numbers have been met and membership fees paid.


Students are only funded to learn one instrument (but they may participate in our Theory Class and Groups at no extra cost). Students are occasionally permitted to learn two instruments with us, with the permission of their music teacher.