General Information

Glenfield Music Centre offers the following group music lessons:

Ages 7-9   Recorder PIP 1

Ages 8 -9  Recorder PIP 2, Violin PIP 1 or Keyboard PIP 1

Ages 10-12   Violin, Viola, Cello, Oboe, Flute, Treble Recorder, Bassoon, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet and Trombone.

Some classes have very limited numbers.We will give preference to our current students.


Children only receive funding to learn ONE instrument. If you would like to learn a Second Instrument, we will seek approval from your current teacher, and they will have the final decision.


Enrollment information: If you have learnt music at GMC in 2020 your name will be listed against the class you should be enrolled in (except for recorder PIP2 and those learning a new instrument in 2021) If your name is missing, against the wrong class or you have some other issue with your class time please contact Naomi before enrolling in a different class - number are limited and if you change classes without being approved someone else may miss out. 

Those entering recorder PIP2 please ensure you select a PIP2 class. If you have completed PIP1 and your teacher/supervisor agrees you may proceed in a PIP1 class in either keyboard or violin if you so wish but this is subject to class availability.

If you are beginning a new instrument please make sure you have selected a YEAR 1 class unless advised otherwise.


Class sizes: The Ministry of Education has laid down minimum roll numbers for each type of class and should any class roll fall below the stipulated minimum number, that class may have to be restructured. Glenfield Music Centre will do everything possible to prevent the closure of any class by amalgamating it with another class where possible, or by some other suitable action.


Demonstration concerts: Each student will conclude his/her class for the year by playing in one or two concerts during the year. Parents/caregivers are asked to show courtesy by staying for the duration of their child’s concert. Some tutors may hold small ‘class concerts’ at other times during the year.


Expectations: Students’ attendance at lessons In order to make satisfactory progress, Parents/caregivers are asked to ensure that expected absences are communicated promptly to the teacher. A telephoned apology by a student or parent/caregiver to their tutor for any absence is considered a courtesy. Alternatively, an apology may be given to the supervisor, Naomi Christensen.


Conduct inside and outside of the classroom: Students should only enter classrooms if their tutors are present (otherwise, they must wait outside the classroom doors until they arrive). Classes function as group learning experiences, and disruptive students may be asked to leave the class. Parent/caregivers and siblings are generally welcome to observe class lessons. However, such attendance is permitted only at the discretion of the class tutor, and on the understanding that parents/caregivers/siblings are careful not to distract the students who are attending the class lesson. Students and parents/caregivers are reminded that they are guests in the Glenfield Intermediate school and they must not touch or interfere with anything in the classrooms.