Glenfield Music Centre Recorder Ensemble - 1999

Glenfield Music Centre Incorporated

Established in September 1974, by Helen Rimmer and the Glenfield Music Centre Incorporated Society Committee; Glenfield Music Centre continues to maintain a similar number of students, because the number of classes funded by the Ministry of Education has been the same for more than 20 years. What is positive to note, is that there continues to be 1,000+ students enrolled across the four music centres on the North Shore, which also includes Murrays Bay, Birkdale, and Belmont.

Glenfield Music Centre has a rich history of musical acheivements and seeing children develop a love of music. We are very pleased to have a second generation of students attending, whose parent's were also students of Glenfield Music Centre.

We continue to promote classical instruments and encourage children to participate in Ensembles and Chamber music groups. That way, students can experience playing music in a group, even at a basic level with only 1 or 2 years of learning. We have a focus on children learning to read music, rather than playing by ear, so that develop skills to play in groups where they may not always have the main part and have to rely on reading their own part. Recently, we have expanded the instruments we offer to include more popular instruments such as Keyboard, Drums and Guitar. These have a higher subscription rate.


What Does The Committee Do?

The Committee is a volunteer group of enthusiastic parents. The Committee oversees the Music Centres operations, finances and direction and helps with the management of the Centre and organising events as need arises.  Committee members are elected at the Annual General Meeting which is held at the same time as the Term 3 concert or can volunteer at any time.  New committee members are always welcome.