Students must have good co-ordination and reasonably good music-reading skills. Students learn keyboard techniques in the first year, and start learning a Piano method in the 2nd Year. We provide digital  pianos in the classroom, and students will need to purchase their own keyboard to practise on at home. We do have some hires available on a first-come, first-served basis. Classes are $360 for the year.


In 2020, we are excited to be offering Keyboard as part of our Preparatory Instrument Program. This is an alternative for Recorder Year 2, students must be aged 8 and have already completed one year of music, or be age 9. These classes will use a different book, and spend more time on music foundations such as rhythm, pitch and musicality.


You will notice in the classes below, there are options for PIP classes (ages 8-9) or for those students who have already done two years of previous music experience, you can enrol in the Violin 1st Year classes, which will start on a more advanced book and progress quicker througout the year.

Sorry, no classes for this instrument are available at the current time