Teacher Profiles



Khalia Strong - Keyboard and Bassoon, Conductor

Khalia was originally a student at Glenfield Music Centre, where she developed a love for all things musical. She has completed the Royal School of Music’s Theory Grade 5 with Distinction, Grade 8 Piano and Grade 8 Bassoon with Merit.

At the age of 13 she was awarded a scholarship to learn at Auckland University’s School of Music and was selected to perform with the APO as part of a youth mentorship program.

Khalia has taught at other music centres and is a qualified Level 3 Forte School of Music Teacher. In 2003 she returned to Glenfield Music Centre as the keyboard and bassoon teacher, and in 2007 she took on the role of Supervisor.

She believes music is so much more than just an acquired skill, and wants to provide every child in the local community with the chance to learn music.

Khalia currently runs Glenfield Music Centre. She teaches keyboard and bassoon, and conducts the Senior Wind Band.

Anthony Elmsly - Cello and String Orchestra Conductor

New to our teaching team in 2015, Anthony has an extensive background with stringed instruments, and is a trained violin maker. Born in New Zealand, he originally trained as a cellist in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. He trained as a violin maker in London in the early 1990s, then worked as a violin maker in Basel, Switzerland, where he also carried out string instrument conservation work for the Basel Historical Museum.


Sarah Brockelsby - Recorder and Treble Recorder

Sarah and her family have been a huge part of GMC. We have had the pleasure of having her AND her sister, Stephanie, teaching with us at one stage. She has been teaching with us since Term 3, 2012 and also the conductor of our Recorder Ensemble.


Marion Vince - Recorder and Treble Recorder

Marion originally came on board as a reliever, and we just had to keep her! Marion was originally a student herself at GMC, and continued her love of music into adulthood. Her son now attends Glenfield Music Centre, and she is also a valued member of our Committee.


Robert MacPherson - Guitar

Robert has many years of experience in teaching and performing the classical guitar. 


Celina Reyes - Viola

We are very happy to have Celina as our viola teacher again after taking some maternity leave. 


Josh Webster - Oboe

Josh can play the recorder, the oboe and the piano. 


Henry Close - Trumpet and French Horn



Jono Tan - Trombone and Jazz

Jono can play most brass instruments and all does arrangements of jazz music for our students. He originally started off as our brass teacher, taking both trumpet and trombone classes. Under his tutelage, these instruments have gained popularity and in 2018 we had to hire a separate teacher to take our trumpet students. 


Chris Clay - Clarinet

Chris has a long history of performing. He can play most wind instruments which comes in handy when he is conducting the Junior Wind Band and can provide specific instructions. 


Anthony Elmsly - Cello and String Orchestra 

Anthony has a wealth of knowledge about the string instruments. He is the person to speak to if you're thinking of purchasing a cello, and he also is a trained luthier. 


Inga Friedrich - Flute

Inga can play the flute, the violin, and also has a beautiful singing voice. She was originally a student at Glenfield Music Centre and is passionate about her teaching. 


Kim Bullus - Choir

Our choir has only just started in 2018 and Kim has done a fantastic job, getting students to use their voices as an instrument. She has experience teaching choirs at all levels, and also runs the APPA Choir which has yearly performances at the Town Hall. 


Cheryl Tong - Keyboard/Piano and Accompanist 

Cheryl comes from a musical family and is also an accomplished song writer. 


Michelle Waring - Saxophone and Jazz Band


Paula Brannigan - Keyboard/Piano

Paula teaches our Wednesday classes and also plays the Cello. She is especially good at teaching younger students.