The trumpet is a very versatile instrument. It can be played in jazz bands, concert bands, brass bands and orchestras. It can be very powerful and majestic, and also very soulful and mellow. Hires are available for $100 per year.

2019 Trumpet 1st Year Saturday 9-9.45am150.00Fully booked
2019 Trumpet 1st Year Saturday 11.30-12pm150.00Book Now
2019 Trumpet 2nd Year Saturday 9.30-10.45am150.00Fully booked
2019 Trumpet 2nd/3rd Year Saturday 10-11.30am150.00Book Now
2019 Trumpet 3rd Year Saturday 10-12pm (Tonglin)150.00Fully booked
2019 Trumpet 4th Year Saturday 10-10.30am (Callum)150.00Fully booked