This is a middle-range instrument in the stringed instrument family and looks like a larger version of a Violin. This has a slightly lower sound, and is very sought after in school orchestras. Hires are available -  $100 for the school year. Students can change sizes as they grow throughout the year, at no additional cost (subject to availability).

2021 Viola 1st Year Saturday 11-11.30pm 170.00Book Now
2021 Viola 2nd Year Saturday 11.30-12noon (Tianyi, Alexander, Jacinta) 170.00Book Now
2021 Viola 3rd Year Saturday 8.30-9am (Jeremy, Seonha) 170.00Book Now
2021 Viola Year 4 Saturday Saturday 9-10.45am (Angela, Sehyeok, Joseph) 170.00Book Now